Antimatter Capsule

multiple no

strength 2000

cells usage 22

Type: Storage
Purpose: Store antimatter
Upgrading: Increases capsule capacity.

Antimatter produced by synthesizers is stored in special buildings called capsules. More antimatter can be stored in single container by increasing power of magnetic field responsible for antimatter stabilizing.

Protect this building at any cost. Enemy can steal antimatter collected in your capsules by destroing this building.

required buildings

Command Center at level 10

building cost at level

1152.5 K79.3 K134.2 K0:44:24
2186.1 K96.7 K163.7 K1:05:42
3227.0 K118.0 K199.7 K1:37:15
4276.9 K144.0 K243.7 K2:23:56
5337.8 K175.7 K297.3 K3:33:01