Crystal Extractor

multiple no

strength 1500

cells usage 6

+8 % per level

Type: Mine
Purpose: Increase crystal production
Upgrade: Increases crystal mining speed

The Crystal Extractor uses nanotechnology to increase crystal production. It is capable of retrieving smaller crystal particles from the soil transported from crystal fields. Each building level increases the amount of retrieved crystal and the efficiency of all crystal mines in a city.

required buildings

Command Center at level 15
Crystal Field at level 12

building cost at level

158.2 K36.4 K14.6 K0:14:12
2106.0 K66.2 K26.5 K0:20:09
3192.9 K120.6 K48.2 K0:28:37
4351.1 K219.4 K87.8 K0:40:39