Antimatter Injector

multiple no

strength 1500

cells usage 18

+8 % per level

Type: Mine
Purpose: Increase antimatter production
Upgrade: Increase antimatter production

This building helps to discover new ways of antimatter storing. Initially all technologies allowing to store antimatter in containers were consuming small amounts of it. Currently we are able to reduce looses.

Each building level decreases the amount of antimatter lost allowing to increase production efficiency.

required buildings

Command Center at level 10
Antimatter Synthesizer at level 3

building cost at level

190.8 K107.3 K69.3 K0:30:00
2149.7 K177.0 K114.3 K0:54:00
3247.1 K292.0 K188.7 K1:37:12
4407.7 K481.8 K311.3 K2:54:57