Recycling Workshop

multiple no

strength 1500

cells usage 6

Type: Infrastructure
Purpose: Harvesting debris, resource conversion and inventory recycling.
Upgrading: Improves recycling efficiency, increases resource conversion line speed and allows more simultaneous harvesting missions.

Scientists have discovered a way to convert one type or resource into another. It is not possible to convert energy without losses, but improvements are being made in the field of waste reduction.. New methods are also leading to improvements in the recycling process.
This building is also used to manage harvesters.

Due to a limited conversion line capacity, the building is only able to work with a certain amount of resources at a time. By increasing the building's level the efficiency of recycling projects, conversion line speed and the number of simultaneous harvesting missions are all increased.

required buildings

Command Center at level 3

building cost at level

6932110.4 K38830:21:05
716.0 K17.8 K66800:34:09
827.6 K30.6 K11.5 K0:55:20
947.4 K52.7 K19.8 K1:29:39
1081.6 K90.6 K34.0 K2:25:14