Mech Factory

multiple no

strength 3000

cells usage 20

Type: Military
Purpose: Mech production
Upgrade: Increases mech production speed

The Mech is the basic formation of your army. Each mech unit consists of three different parts, the hull, the equipment and finally the behavior. All three parts are equally important. Even a small army with a good strategy can win against a better equipped opponent. The Mech Factory is used to manufacture mech hulls, which have been previously developed in Science Academy.

There is no possibility to delete a unit or stop its production once it has begun. Be sure that you have enough cells before you decide to produce a new mech hull.

required buildings

Command Center at level 5
Mech Hangar at level 1

building cost at level

312.7 K10.1 K31650:35:17
423.4 K18.7 K58560:57:52
543.3 K34.7 K10.8 K1:34:54
680.2 K64.1 K20.0 K2:35:39
7148.3 K118.7 K37.1 K4:15:16
8274.4 K219.5 K68.6 K6:58:38