Engineering Facility

multiple no

strength 2000

cells usage 6

Type: Infrastructure
Purpose: Support unit production
Upgrading: Increases production efficiency

The Engineering Facility produces all support units. Support units are divided into four groups. Transport Units are used by the Exchange Post to send out resources. Satellites are used via the Radar Station for intelligence gathering purposes. MBB Vehicles are issued from Command Center to build new cites. Harvesters are used via the Recycling Workshop to collect debris.

required buildings

Command Center at level 4
Science Academy at level 1

building cost at level

516.0 K12.0 K23960:14:46
629.1 K21.8 K43610:23:20
752.9 K39.7 K79370:36:52
896.3 K72.2 K14.4 K0:58:15