Recovery Station

multiple no

strength 3000

cells usage 16

Type: Military
Purpose: Deactivated units recovery
Upgrading: Increases mech recovery dock number

The Recovery Station is used for recovering irreplaceable experienced mechs that can't be built from scratch and were deactivated or destroyed in battle. Recovered mechs retain all of their experience from previous battles. The fragile and delicate process of re-installing the mech’s experience memory devices incurs a higher cost. Equipment installed on a unit before deactivation will not be recovered.

required buildings

Command Center at level 6
Engineering Facility at level 1
Mech Hangar at level 1

building cost at level

5668710.0 K94740:26:27
6942914.1 K13.4 K0:33:20
713.3 K19.9 K18.8 K0:42:00
818.7 K28.1 K26.6 K0:52:56
926.4 K39.7 K37.4 K1:06:42
1037.3 K55.9 K52.8 K1:24:02
1152.6 K78.8 K74.4 K1:45:53
1274.1 K111.1 K105.0 K2:13:26
13104.5 K156.7 K148.0 K2:48:07
14147.3 K221.0 K208.7 K3:31:50
15207.7 K311.6 K294.3 K4:26:55