Radar Station

multiple no

strength 2000

cells usage 8

Type: Military
Purpose: Intelligence gathering
Upgrading: Increases the number of satellites used simultaneously, increases range of debris scanning

From the Radar Station spy satellites can be sent out to recon enemy units, structures, resources and inventory. The Radar Station can also be used to scan debris fields prior to harvesting. Each additional level allows an increase in both the range of scanning for debris and the number of simultaneous satellite scanning missions.

required buildings

Command Center at level 5
Engineering Facility at level 1

building cost at level

2576010.1 K51840:14:53
3691112.1 K62200:18:09
4829414.5 K74640:22:09
5995317.4 K89570:27:01
611.9 K20.9 K10.7 K0:32:58
714.3 K25.1 K12.9 K0:40:13
817.2 K30.1 K15.5 K0:49:04
920.6 K36.1 K18.6 K0:59:52
1024.8 K43.3 K22.3 K1:13:02
1129.7 K52.0 K26.7 K1:29:06
1235.7 K62.4 K32.1 K1:48:43
1342.8 K74.9 K38.5 K2:12:38
1451.4 K89.9 K46.2 K2:41:49
1561.6 K107.8 K55.5 K3:17:25
1674.0 K129.4 K66.6 K4:00:51
1788.7 K155.3 K79.9 K4:53:50
18106.5 K186.4 K95.8 K5:58:29
19127.8 K223.6 K115.0 K7:17:21
20153.4 K268.4 K138.0 K8:53:34