Shield Generator

multiple no

strength 1500

cells usage 15

Type: Infrastructure
Purpose: Decreases the accuracy of incoming anti-building weapons via magnetic interference.
Upgrade: Increases interference factor.

Advanced studies of force field generators have led to the possibility of protecting the city itself.
Initial tests have shown; however, that securing the entire city would require much more energy than the city can produce. While tests were being conducted an interesting effect was noted - even weak fields have the ability to distort projectile trajectory, thus reducing the accuracy of incoming weapons. The Shield Generator is not a perfect solution, but it can provide a few crucial extra minutes to prepare and issue reinforcements.

required buildings

Command Center at level 12
Science Academy at level 2

building cost at level

129.0 K23.8 K31.7 K0:17:55
238.3 K31.4 K41.8 K0:22:56
350.6 K41.4 K55.2 K0:29:21
466.8 K54.6 K72.9 K0:37:34
588.2 K72.1 K96.2 K0:48:06
6116.4 K95.2 K127.0 K1:01:34
7153.6 K125.7 K167.6 K1:18:48
8202.8 K165.9 K221.2 K1:40:52