type Mech Chassis

hull strength 640

equipment capacity 100

speed 8

size 16

cells usage 288

The main disadvantage of a mech used as a weapon is its large demand for energy, but it was quickly discovered that larger dimensions vastly improved the mech’s capabilities. Through size increases, a major improvement in load capacity as well as the capacity-to-energy consumption ratio was achieved. This allowed for the installation of thicker armor plating and the mounting of more equipment. The Vulture class is twice the size of the Raptor and major improvements to its armor make the Vulture a tough opponent in the first days of game play.

required buildings

Science Academy at level 1
Mech Factory at level 2

required technologies

AI Unit at level 2
Robotic Workshop at level 2

required researches

Vulture at level 1

base research cost


base production cost