type Mech Chassis

hull strength 2200

equipment capacity 250

speed 6

size 16

cells usage 640

The Wolverine class was specifically designed to fulfill a defensive role. Its main advantage over other mech chassis’ is its incredibly thick armor. Unfortunately, the increased weight comes with a price, which is reflected in the Wolverine's slow speed.
As long as the Wolverine is utilized in the defensive role it was built for, its speed will not prove to be an insurmountable obstacle. The Wolverine's offensive abilities are of limited use, simply because it is not able to reach the enemy base as fast as other mechs of similar size.

required buildings

Science Academy at level 1
Mech Factory at level 5

required technologies

AI Unit at level 5
Robotic Workshop at level 5

required researches

Wolverine at level 1

base research cost


base production cost