Weapon Parameters

There are 21 conventional and 3 anti-building weapon types available in Mech Hero. Anti-building weapons will be a subject of a separate post. Here, we will focus on conventional ones.

Each weapon is described by the following parameters:
- ballistic damage – the amount of ballistic damage caused by a single shot
- energy damage – the amount of energy damage caused by a single shot
- range – weapon’s effective range
- reload speed – determines the number of turns required to reload (1 – the weapon fires in each turn, 2 – the weapon fires every second turn, 3 – the weapon fires once every 3 turns)
- accuracy – the chance of hitting within maximum range (the chance of hitting increases when the distance to the target decreases)
- weight – weapon's weight (total weapons weight cannot exceed mech's equipment capacity)
- cell usage – the number added to mech's cell usage when armed with this weapon (weapons that are stored in the Inventory Warehouse do not consume Power Cells)

Ballistic damage and energy damage work the same. Both damage types decrease your opponent's hull strength and can cause its destruction. The only difference is that ballistic damage can be reduced when armor plates are used and energy damage can be reduced when force fields are used.

Watch out for rockets! Remember, that each rocket can be fired only once (this includes LR-86 Missile Pod)! Rockets have big range and big fire power, but using rockets requires a big amount of resources, because they need to be re-produced. An army equipped only with rockets does not have sufficient fire power to destroy an opposing army of similar size.