EMP Bombs

type Energy

damage 105

range 105

reload speed 1

accuracy 34.0 %

splash range 28.0

weight 42

cells usage 64

EMP Bombs are the most advanced of all the energy weapons, a further development of the concept behind the PGL. The EMP Bombs are aimed using a unique targeting system originally developed for ballistic weapons whereby the projectiles are upgraded with electro-magnetic properties which are attracted to the chassis of enemy mech’s. The explosive charges of previous weapons have also been replaced with limited range EMP wave emitters.

required buildings

Science Academy at level 1
Armory at level 11

required technologies

Ballistic Laboratory at level 4
Physics Laboratory at level 5
Chemical Laboratory at level 6
AI Unit at level 4
Force Field Laboratory at level 2
Particle Accelerator at level 4

required researches

EMP Bombs at level 1

base research cost


base production cost