LR-86 Missile Pod

type Rocket

damage 190

range 85

reload speed 1

accuracy 75.0 %

shoots by 6

splash range 20.0

weight 16

cells usage 12

The LR-86 is a basic missile silo, housing 12 small, conventional rockets armed with standard explosive materials. The missiles are self-propelled, but owing to their limited speed and lack of an on-board guidance system their effective range and accuracy are not impressive.

The LR-86 Missile Pod fires all of its ammunition in a single salvo, after one shot it is empty. Do not forget to re-arm your mech after the fight.

required buildings

Science Academy at level 1
Armory at level 2

required technologies

Rocket-engine Laboratory at level 1

required researches

LR-86 Missile Pod at level 1

base research cost


base production cost