LR-86sf Fire-Missile Pod

type Rocket

damage 150 60

range 90

reload speed 1

accuracy 78.0 %

shoots by 6

splash range 24.0

weight 17

cells usage 15

The LR-86sf is an improved version of the LR-86; the missiles use a new type of fuel which has a thicker, gel-like consistency as well as other characteristics which make it quite similar to napalm. Upon impact with the target the super-heated gel sticks to armor and is capable of burning straight through it. As this new fuel burns hotter the range of the LR-86sf is slightly better than the older LR-86.

The LR-86sf Fire Missile Pod fires all of its ammunition in a single salvo, after one shot it is empty. Do not forget to re-arm your mech after the fight.

required buildings

Science Academy at level 1
Armory at level 3

required technologies

Chemical Laboratory at level 2
Rocket-engine Laboratory at level 2

required researches

LR-86sf Fire-Missile Pod at level 1

base research cost


base production cost