Athlas Jetpack

type Jetpacks

weight 52

cells usage 80

Rapid development of rocket technologies allowed us to invent completely new devices that were far beyond our capabilities. One of the most innovative applications of new jet propulsion was implemented in “JetPack” devices that are designed to increase battlefield mobility of Mech units. We found that this equipment is most effective only on couple of unit types and some of the heaviest armored hulls were never capable of taking advantage of JetPacks. This equipment is still in the early design phase and our engineers work on breaking through the limitations. However even with the imperfect precision and restricted range our robots were granted the ability to appear behind the front lines and surround the enemy when its least expected.

required buildings

Armory at level 4

required technologies

Physics Laboratory at level 2
Chemical Laboratory at level 1
Rocket-engine Laboratory at level 4
Robotic Workshop at level 4

required researches

Athlas Jetpack at level 1

base research cost


base production cost